Monday, March 30, 2009

Which Item Doesn't belong?

Strawberries, broccoli and whole wheat bread. Pineapple,cigarettes, and eggs. Cheese, onions and grapes. Which item doesn't belong? Oddly enough, just now, some supermarkets are choosing to no longer sell tobacco products. They realize tobacco doesn't support the health of their customers and community. Other supermarkets continue to sell tobacco products. Should you feel compelled to take a stand, consider asking your supermarket to stop selling tobacco products. WWW.TobaccoFree


  1. That's such an excellent idea-I wish all supermarkets followed suit!! Let's make it a "Tobacco Free World"!

  2. Sweta, isn't it though. Imagine if all supermarkets followed suit, is right.

    I personally find, now that the restaurants are in compliance with smoke-free policies, much more enjoyment of my food and of others company,while eating out too. Smoking and non-smoking sections, didn't seem to be quite as effective to me. Particularly, if the smoke-filled section was only a chair away with a standing divider that was only for asthenic purposes. Good point for a 'Tobacco-free' world; all things are accomplished, one-step-at-a-time!

  3. Smoking is very damaging to our health. My father died from lung cancer in 2004. It could have been prevented if he had not been a smoker. Years ago, there were no health warnings about the dangers of tobacco use. Came a little too late for many people...

    As always, I find your words of wisdom to be not only important, but vital to the health of many. Keep writing, my friend.(smile)

    'Til next time,

  4. Mattie, you are so right! Years ago, unfortunately,the dangers were not quite as effectively discussed or reiterated, enough. For example, I can share an important moment, which ( I call a teachable moment) that did. This moment had such an impact upon me, that-- I never smoked. I was a little kid in grade school, and, I believe it was second grade. A man came in with a machine (that almost looked like "Mr. Marble Head"), but, it was very large and plastic, yet almost life-like in size.) This machine was filled with white cotton. A cigarette was in the mouth of this face. The man demonstrated. He took a match and and lit the cigarette and the machine was puffing and you could see "the smoke." The cotton turned dirty yelow, and darker, and darker to jet-black. Then, he pulled out the cotton, and, pointed to me with his index finger of his right-hand. 'YOU," he shouted! "That's what your lungs are going to look-like, if you ever smoke!" This had such an impact, that I never smoked anything. I never-ever forgot that. Neddlessly to say, I was ridiculed for not being like others, but I so glad, that I didn't. Fortunately, his scare tactic worked. At that age, it was devastating. As a leader, and not a follower, I'm so glad that didn't smoke. Yet, with allergies, it would have made things more difficult, too.

    Thank you for sharing, and I'm sorry you lost your dad in 2004.

    I appreciate your kind words and glad that I can be of help. I invite you to visit again.