Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let’s Add: Exercise To The Mix, With or Without -- a ‘Hankerin’

1220637497h0JkWm Research has revealed that the more people that keep physically fit and exercise, people are more likely to keep weight off, which is the “middle tire or extra roll” called, body fat.  Remember that, weight issues are not the only reason to exercise.  Exercise is also good for increasing muscles, just mentioned reducing the amount of stored fat or the extra tire or extra roll, and exercise increases our brain power.  Exercise should be and can be fun.  Back in the mid to latter 1985,1986 time period, I used to workout and run with Olivia Newton-John.  I had her on my “cassette” tape and ready to go for my daily run!  

1210835995b0fWV5  Try your very best to stay active, even if it’s walking.  Walking is healthy and it is very rewarding, not to say the least of, which is easier on the knees and feet.  Even if you have a hankering or (hankerin’) for something special, it still can be done, without the guilt.  Here’s how:  1212366797AYb1WB  I wanted an Ice cream sandwich, so I took chocolate graham crackers and split one whole cracker in half and then split each half into pieces.  (You can see the separation, almost like a “dotted line," so-to speak.  After splitting into sections, take a teaspoon of fat-free cool whip and place that on the bottom gram cracker and take another piece of chocolate graham cracker for the top.  Wrap them all in plastic warp and put them into the freezer.  When you are hungry for the snack and have a ‘hankerin’like me, go for it—the healthy way!  So, here’s a little blast of the past with my dear friend, Olivia Newton-John on remix. (See Sidebar for song:  Anthony’s Exercise Workout Music)

Healthy and fun exercising,



  1. There is a saying for general wellness, "Pray and move your feet."

    Physical activity is perhaps the best way to fight off disease. Supplementing with a balanced, healthy diet is a fine way to stay even more fit.

    I've played sports since I was 5 years old and haven't stopped. As long as I can move I'll be physically active, it's the only way to live!