Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meal Makeover Mom’s Kitchen: Unplugged !

By Anthony J Sepe

Hi all,

As a courtesy to my colleagues, Liz and Janice, I’m posting this for them.  I’m also posting this for the mom’s and dad’s subscribed to my blog that need kid-friendly meals, with the quickness, to the table, yesterday.  It’s a help all the way around. 

Happy viewing best wishes to Liz and Janice,

~Anthony :)

We are excited to announce the re-launch of our blog, Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen -- The blog is designed to help busy moms and dads get healthy, kid-friendly meals on the table. We share new recipes each week along with food product recommendations, cool giveaways (our latest features a Laptop Lunch bento box), info on our weekly Cooking with the Moms radio podcast, and much more. We hope you will visit our blog and use it as a resource – either for yourselves or with your clients.
One of our goals with the new blog is to reach out and support fellow dietitians and bloggers. Our new “Healthy Meal with Kid Appeal Award” is designed to do just that. When we find a healthy family recipe on a blog or website and it passes the “thumbs-up” test with our kids, we give it our “Healthy Meal with Kid Appeal Award” – a Meal Makeover Mom “seal of approval” if you will. Winners are featured on our blog and are sent an Award badge which they can place on their website or in their blog sidebar. Although we are constantly checking out other food blogs and websites for new recipes, if you’d like to submit one for consideration, please send it to
We welcome any and all feedback on our latest venture and look forward to staying connected in the blogosphere!
All the best,
Liz & Janice
Liz Weiss, MS, RD
-author, The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers
Co-host, Cooking with the Moms (a weekly radio podcast on iTunes)


  1. Hi Anthony:
    Thanks for sharing our new blog, Meal Makeover Moms' Kitchen, with your readers. Today, we're posting a new lunchbox recipe along w/ news on our bento box giveaway winner. Stay tuned for our next giveaway: a Breville cordless hand mixer which we'll announce on Monday!

  2. Hi Liz,
    You are most welcome; my pleasure!