Friday, March 13, 2009

From Penthouse to Jail-Cell: Madoff’s New Home

by Anthony J Sepe

What a wonderful week this has been, as we have celebrated healthy nutrition habits with a collaborative effort of fellow Dietitian Bloggers, all across the blogsphere.

Status post blogfest or blog carnival, how nice to meet with other dietitians’ and have a shared unspoken bond, --and even,-- sometimes a spoken bond, that will forever keep us united together—for the good of you, the public.  As I visited others blogs, I recall a sense of pride.  Particularly on that day, but everyday, and, I was so proud to be a dietitian and so proud of the many accomplishments of my fellow colleagues.  Clearly, like Bernie Madoff, you really have it all—when you invest,— but in yourself with the skills of a dietitian.  Credentialed dietetics professionals have a vested interest in you and your health.  It’s up to us to educate you, the general public, the we are the nutrition professionals to trust—and, not others who claim to be us.  The take away:  any one can hang out a shingle and say they are are a health professional or nutritionist, but not every one can say: I am a dietitian.  WE can hang out our shingle at the penthouse because we are what we say and we say what we mean.  Unlike Bernie, we have earned this right and we have fought hard to be where we are in our careers. Nothing was given to us, nor have we taken,but rather, we earned it, all.  We are not takers, but givers of the heart.

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