Friday, March 13, 2009

Your Weight Statement--make it stick!

By Anthony J Sepe Your Weight Statement-- let's make it stick! Sometimes you may need to maintain, gain, or lose weight, but truly, make sure it's for your own health, not your appearance that's motivating you, for your weight to be maintained or to be controlled. When you reach this goal, your healthy weight, try really hard to make it long-lasting, in other words, permanent. The reason to make it permanent is because this can reduce the risk for weight cycling or yo-yo dieting, which means, weight loss and weight gain over and over again, Typically, there will be more weight gained than lost, and it becomes harder and harder to lose each time. The right keys to manage weight throughout your life cycle include, a positive attitude and positive motivation. Let's take a closer look. Perhaps, you are an over-achieving female and you would like to fit into a new dress that has the tags on, which you have never yet, been worn. Perhaps you are a male with more of a mid-section than you would like to have, particularly, since you've had some breathing difficulties lately and unable to shoot those hoops like you once did, as a jock in high school or college sports. Perhaps, you simpy want to use the new belt that you were given for your last years birthday gift, that is still in the box. Whatever your reason, most likely, your enthusiasm will diminish at some point, because you are human. Increasing your success, really depends on things such as your own health, what you believe in-- for yourself, your self-esteem, feeling good about yourself, these are the things that most likely increase your chances for life-long success and keeping that weight off, but more importantly, maintaining your health throughout your life, which is what you can then call, "your success" because you did it for yourself, and, your health. Good luck with your weight and, because it's Friday the 13th, for those that may need it. ~Anthony

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