Saturday, March 28, 2009

A slice of heaven, is a piece of cake!

by Anthony J Sepe


I was asked to make a cake to bring to a gathering, but “please make it healthy,” was echoed.  So, here’s what I made:  “ A Slice of Heaven.”


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1. 1- box of angel food cake (any brand: Pillsbury, Betty Crocker)

2. 1 -can of crushed pineapple

3. 1- container of fat-free cool whip

4. fresh or frozen strawberries and blueberries



1. Pour box of  angel food cake mix in bowl.

2. Add, can of crushed pineapple

3. Mix and pour into cake pan. (DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE! )

4. Bake per box directions; usually 350 degrees ~ 25 30 min until golden and knife clean.

5. Cut; add a dollop of fat-free-cool whip; top with fresh strawberries / blueberries .

Original Recipe Source:  Weight Watcher’s; Each piece: 2-points


  1. Now, Anthony, you know I'm going to have to try this one.(smile) It looks extremely delicious and easy to make. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    As always, I must thank you for sharing these recipes. I love stopping by to read your new ones. Keep them coming!

    Your friend,

  2. I saw this recipe over the was on a sales sheet with a coupon for the angel food cake mix (if memory serves). Angel Food Cake with Pineapple Lush I believe it was called. The image looked delicious.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    I encourage you to make it. Although it is delicious, this cake tastes even better-- just a 'slice of heaven.' I like making it, and love eating it, more. Although calories, of course, at least not as much guilt when eating it, but not as sinful, as chocolate usually is. :)

    Nice to hear from you and thanks for stopping by Take care,

  4. Hi Mattie,
    I always love hearing from you and enjoy your comments of inspiration. You can also your other fruit for your topppings, but I particularly love strawberries and blueberries--lots of antioxidant capability!!

    Take care,
    Anthony :)

  5. Hi Anthony, I am so proud of you. It seems you are not only great at your career, but you can bake too. Check my blog for home-made angel food cake. You will never go back to the box again.
    Fondly, DCRose

  6. Hi Rosie,
    Thanks for your nice comments, you are very kind and thoughtful. For the longest time, before I made this angel food cake with pineapple recipe, I made, "home-made angel food cake" from scratch. It was the only way, and of course, the only way that I knew how, because that's the way I learned from my mom. Then, when this recipe came along, it was so easy with the "boxed version, but I must add, for this recipe. I was so used to making home-made, that I actually feel "guilty" everytime I Make this recipe and don't make it myself-- and cheat with the box. You are right, that there is nothing like home-made angel food cake from scratch, and not from the box. I absolutely love, your "pocketbook." I can't stop raving about it to friends and others. You are so very skilled and talented--THAT, is what I call a real gift, and girl-- you put me to shame there :) Although I can bake, you do it soooooooo much better and with your cake decorating techniques, whcih are absolutely--awesome!!

    By the way, I want to congratulate you upon your 41 year marriage-- to the same man. How wonderful. (My parents were married 53 years, before my dad passed.) Keep up the great work and glad you like teaching your cake decorating classes.

    Best regards,

  7. I like making it, and love eating it, more. Although calories, of course, at least not as much guilt when eating it.Treadmill India