Friday, March 20, 2009

Fix it—Then, Get the Bonus !!!

by Anthony J Sepe

1213349615373Kta  Well, we talked some about Organic food the other day, let’s   go  a little further.  It’s certainly not, AIG, but you are insured, and you can build trust because its with National Standards. That’s Organic Food.

So, what does it really mean for us?    The word “organic” varied from person to person and from state to state, but up until a few years ago, that’s really the way it was.  The USDA, then stepped in and said, basically, they get some uniform conformity here, as to standards.  They worked hard for close to a decade or more to develop national guidelines for earth-friendly foods.  There is now, a USDA Organics seal for the foods.  There are many categories such as, 100% organic, organic, made with organic ingredients and contains organic ingredients.

So you may ask:  What’s so different?

The growing process makes all the difference.  The organic farmers keep a delicate balance of nature, protect the supply of water, and improve the soil by eliminating most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, using birds and insects to control pests, and tiling weeds and rotating crops the “old-fashioned” way.  Labor-intensive organic agricultural practices, like hand weeding, are obviously more expensive, which contributes and explains why the expense of organic foods.  Therefore, let’s just say:  we really do get a bonus because organic foods are inherently better for you because of the lack of chemical involvement during the growing stage.  Step up and get your bonus, you really deserve this bonus—be good to yourself and your body.


  1. It is a little "funny" how it is just food how we would hope it would be grown.... ummm as it "should" be :)

  2. Are you enjoying watching your follower list grow? :)

  3. Gail,
    Thank you for your comments. Amazing isn't it? Growing food as it should be, but how expensive what what should just be --"the norm."
    Again, thank you for your comments.

  4. Hey hormonewoman,
    :))) It is such a nice feeling, knowing that we make a difference in others lives! Thanks for stopping by.
    ~Anthony :)