Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 12 Gifts of Self

12454853822568z1 I came across this list; however, the author is unknown, and thought I’d share the following with you:


  1. The Gift of Time – “ Just ‘being’ with someone can be a great comfort to them.”
  2. The Gift of a Good Example - “Most people learn fundamental attitudes of feeling by observing other people.”
  3. The Gift of Acceptance - “People begin to change when they know they are accepted for what they are.”
  4. The Gift of Seeing the Best in People - “When we expect others to respond in a positive way, they usually come through for us.”
  5. The Gift of Privacy - “Too frequently, we tend to ‘smother’ people with questions and demands on their time.”
  6. The Gift of Self-Esteem – “We sometimes cripple those we love by criticizing too much.”
  7. The Gift of Giving-Up A Bad Habit - “It’s love when you strike that vital balance between your own needs and the needs of your love one.”
  8. The Gift of Self-Disclosure - “Bottling up feelings and resentments deprives the other person of truly knowing who you are.”
  9. The Gift of Helping Someone Learn Something New - “Helping someone learn something new is an important investment in their future happiness.”
  10. The Gift of Really Listening - “Few of us know how to listen in an effective manner.”
  11. The Gift of Fun – It’s important when you can help those close to you find fun in ordinary, small ways.”
  12. The Gift of Letting Others Give to Us - “When we let others give to us, and when we can accept their gifts in a gracious and mature manner, we may be giving them one of the most important gifts of a lifetime.”

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