Monday, May 11, 2009

Heart Healthy Wildly Nutritious—Fruit Snacks

By Anthony J Sepe

(*This post is dedicated to the person that asked me the question and to my friend Kim)


1144931168QKkZzX I was asked recently about fruit, and how I am able to meet my fruit requirements.  Fruit happens to be somewhat easier than other things, but not that the other things such as grains, vegetables, cheese etc are not important.  Let’s see.


Next time your sweet tooth acts up and you are craving a real sweet snack, reach for a nutritious and health fruit snack.  Fruits are bursting with flavor and loaded with lots of nutrients like Vitamin A, or Vitamin C or both—along with potassium and fiber.

  • Freeze your favorite juice.  Take and ice cube tray and fill with your favorite 100% juice. 
  • Cut up mango, papaya, apricots and freeze them, too.
  • Freeze some grapes


Here are 3 of my very favorite ways to snack on fruit:

1.  Take a banana—peel it; slice it; sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon. Place on a cookie sheet and cover with waxed paper. Freeze.  Now you have slice banana swirls!

2.  Take a banana—peel it; place a stick in it.  Dip in fat-free yogurt and dip in caramel sauce and roll in crushed nuts.  Freeze.

3.  I absolutely love, and I mean, love—Dole Wildly Nutritious Signature Blends Mixed Fruit.  It also comes Frozen and is Sliced strawberries, pineapple peaches and mango.  These happy chunks of fruit are all natural fruit; all rich in vitamin C; help maintain a healthy heart and just as nutrition as Fresh Fruit, as it states on its label.  It’s great for smoothies and for snacking.  80% Vitamin C in just 3/4 cup fresh frozen cut-up fruit !!! Can’t beat it and, it comes in a 6 lb. bag too.  For $8 and change at your local Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Wegman’s or others,  it’s worth it with to package into smaller bags for handy-dandy snacks!!!  So, this is how I manage to get in some of my fruit requirements.

Have fun too! *



  1. great tip I bet my little one would like the bananas

  2. Anthony, thank you for this post. Those tips are extremely helpful. I'm a berry love love raspberries so if you have more tips for using them either fresh or frozen, steer them my way!!! I'm going to have to try these banana tips too as I also can't pass up a banana!

  3. You are most welcome; my pleasure! I'm glad to be of help and glad to know that your a respberry lover, too.

    Until next time,

  4. I love these fruit snack ideas especially freezing the fruits. I will be trying it!

  5. I'm glad that you like these ideas. Please let me know how things turn out for you, and what you think. Thank you for taking time to comment and away from your little one.
    Best always,
    PS: I made this today with 2-ripe bananas, and tasted just as good (sliced banana w/cinnamon and nutmeg)