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Top 50 Dietician Blogs

by Anthony J Sepe



Dear Blog Members:

I was so excited when I received notification, that “From A Dietitian’s Perspective” Blog was among the top 50 Dietician Blogs.  Again, I say to you, as I do each Sunday:  ‘Thank you Readership’!  It is because of you that we continue to do what we do, as Dietitians.  Thank you for your continued loyalty and dedication to this blog.  ~Anthony


Top 50 Dietician Blogs

Only the lucky few have access to regularly visit a dietician to balance their diets. These blogs offer advice to help you eat healthier and live a better life through a balanced diet regimen. It’s always best to consult a doctor though before you begin any new diet or exercise program, but anyone can benefit from a few extra fruits and vegetables.

Dietician Experts

1. Dietician’s Blog – This blog goes beyond just food advice. Mixed in with great tips for what you should and shouldn’t be eating is a healthy dose of exercise tips, medical tips, and even steps to living a longer life.

2. From A Dietitian’s Perspective – Eat a balanced blog meal with this highly variegated page. This blogger features medical commentary, healthy recipes, and even features interviews with chefs.

3. Ask the Dietitian’s Blog –This blog offers its news in bite-size chunks. Special attention is paid to trendy diet plans and whether they work or not, as well a wealth of nutrition news.

4. Dietitian Jenna’s Blog –This pragmatic blogger focuses on little-known facts that help form a healthy lifestyle. This includes just how necessary snacks are, and why eating less is sometimes a bad idea.

5. Diet and Fitness Blog: Ask the Dietitian – As you might expect from the name, this site features in-depth answers to questions e-mailed in by users of the site. As an added bonus, the blog is linked to the health eliving website, offering an entire network of weight-loss support.

6. Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy – This playful podcast aims to “make healthy living fun for everyone.” This advice ranges from how to stock up on colorful foods to how to save weight by eating out.

7. Katherine Isacks, Registered Dietitian, LLC – Another great site with a mixture of advice. This site has health tips, tricks for time management, featured food favorites and more.

8. Diary of a Dieting Dietitian – Offering a more “human” angle than many of the other blogs, this site spotlights the trials of its author just as much as it helps you navigate your own travails. If you like your information mixed with informality and fun, this blog’s for you.

9. Cheryl Forberg RD – This recipe-heavy site also features news and views on topics like the necessity of more fiber in your daily diet, as well as thoughts from other experts, such as “The Biggest Loser” nutritionist.

10. RDs Weigh In – This blog offers a more pro-active approach to healthy eating. Accordingly, articles offer advice on foods you should eat (rather than foods you shouldn’t eat), and keep you informed about the latest in health-related news.

11. Eat Right, Stay Fit – Yahoo’s health expert, Cheryl Koch, M.S., R.D., shares insight on eating correctly to provide maximum health benefits including six pack abs.

12. Marie Spano, MS, RD/LD, FISSN, CSCS – This site is all about practicality. With the motto of “translating nutrition science research into real life,” the blogger helps you pick a diet, help your kids diet, and even go organic.

13. Diana Dyer, MS, RD – Though currently on hiatus, this blog offers a little bit of everything. Garden photos and thoughts on April snow mix with food and nutrition advice for healthy living.

Healthy Eating and Recipes for Weight Loss

14. Balanced Eating - Health Blog – This site focuses on pragmatic, often-seasonal advice. From avoiding expanding Christmas waistlines to dodging Easter chocolate urges, this site’s here to help you out.

15. The Menu Coach Chronicles – Focusing on weight loss, this site aims to slip you into your dream jeans. This site mixes health and nutrition news with thorough evaluations of diet plans, with a focus on how results may differ for women, children, and the elderly.

16. Cheap Healthy Food – Another site that dishes more about its author than regular advice, this blog is nonetheless a great source of practical, money-saving diet tips. The two aspects mix well, such as when the blogger mentions how she read about a woman able to live off of a dollar a day—and how the blogger herself (and by extension, her readers) would have trouble with this proposition.

17. Greens and Berries – Mixing health tips with gardening tips, this site serves to help both you and your plants to grow and prosper. Recipes, health book reviews, and more food poetry abounds.

18. Nutrition Unplugged – This site aims to be a collection of “food news and views.” To this end, the site helps you avoid food scams, keep yourself fed in the recession, and even offers thoughts on the future of healthy eating.

19. Nurturing Notes – This site is about taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. To this end, the site’s author offers tips on healthy ingredients, quick tips to increase your level of daily exercise, and even how to react to a child’s food prejudices.

20. Eat Like Me – Sponsored by SELF magazine, this blog emphasizes the integration of healthier eating into your overall lifestyle. This is another very practical blog, with diet tips for surviving the morning drive, eating right at the beach, and even quelling your coffee cravings.

21. Healthy Bites – This blog focuses on slimming down, and the healthy snacking that can help you do so. Featuring the low-down on yogurt and granola, as well as weight-loss roadblocks to avoid, this site helps make a thinner, tastier lifestyle a reality.

22. The Diet Dish – Offering a unique perspective on dieting, this thoughtful blogs helps you think more about your own dietary intake. With thoughts on nutritional hypocrisy, the necessity of walnuts, and info about cards to help you lose weight, this site will never bore you.

23. – This site focuses on the effects of food—both good and bad. Articles on improving eyesight, the relationship between food and mood, and good old-fashioned weight-loss tips are just a click away.

Nutrition and Diet Specifics

24. Beyond Prenatals – The goal of this site is to “encourage and empower women” through knowledge about “nutrition during preconception, pregnancy, and early childhood.” In this blog, she offers thoughts on food versus supplements, the necessity of breastfeeding, and even the effect of certain water filters on women and children.

25. Cancer Dietitian – A very specific site, this blog aims to help users prevent or, if needed, survive cancer. Accordingly, it focuses on making cancer-fighting dishes and ingredients quick, easy, and delicious.

26. Ask the Sports Dietitian – This blog features news for you sportier types—specifically, runners. This means info on the drinks that can keep you running well, the cereals that give you a much-needed boost, and the supplements that can keep you going.

27. Cancer - Ask the Dietitian – A forum of frequently asked questions for cancer patients seeking to improve their health and fight cancer through a balanced diet.

28. International Society of Sports Nutrition – This science-oriented blog abounds in formulas, citations, and theories about what might just lead to a healthier you.

Family Nutrition and Cooking Blogs

29. Healthy Recipe Doctor - Elaine Magee RD, the Web MD expert on healthy cooking, loads her blog down with great recipes that are delicious and healthy.

30. Liz on Food – This quirky blog is as entertaining as it is informative. Liz offers practical advice on how gardens can save you money, discusses the latest news about salt and even writes poetry about her favorite foods.

31. Meal Makeover Moms – A mom-centric blog, this site focuses on “cooking up healthy meals with kid appeal. While obviously focusing on recipes first and foremost, the site still finds time to wax philosophic on fiber gummy bears and healthy-living podcasts.

32. The Veggie Queen – Focusing on appetizing veggies, this Queen helps you prepare royal meals. In-between recipes, she dishes about the healthiness of sprouts, packing food for flights, and how to avoid pesticide residue through the use of organic vegetables.

33. Edible Nutrition – This Chicago Tribune-featured blogger offers a mixture of recipes, news, and links to other blogs. Her advice is mostly of a practical nature, focusing on useful items like creative uses for leftovers.

34. – The goal of this blog is to be “an insider’s look at all things food,” and it certainly lives up to it. Tasty recipes are featured, as well as quirky kitchen appliances, and even the low-down on your favorite diet sodas.

35. The Seed – This new blog mixes political and nutritional info together into one healthy package, with news ranging from replacing some of the meat in your meatloaf with a beany substitute to White House health reform.

36. Lisa Nelson: Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight – While dispensing the requisite dietary advice, this blog primarily focuses on popular questions and myths about dieting. These questions include the correct level of physical activity for your lifestyle, the healthiness of Omega 6’s, and even whether women are—biologically speaking—hungrier than men.

37. Limes and Lycopene – This site is something of a “jack of all trades” blog. You have access to recipes, links to more info, and direct calls from the blog author for greater accountability for your daily diet.

38. Working Green Mom – Just like the name says, this blog is about an everyday mom who’s trying to become greener in her own life. With her green goal and her dietitian’s wisdom, she serves up recipes, savings, and energy conservation in one easy-to-read package.

Nutritionist Blogs

39. Healthy Eating & Nutrition News – This site aims to be your source for “food, nutrition, and exercise information blended with a dash of opinion.” Sure enough, a quick scan of the website reveals health tips and recipes, along with commentary on American dieting guidelines and lifestyles.

40. Nutrition Know How – This quartet of bloggers offers advice on just about everything. Whether you need to re-love your leftovers, green-ify your kitchen or survive swine flu, this site has it all.

41. A Nutritionist’s Perspective On Psychiatric Medications and Some Of Their Effects – This very specific blog offers thoughts on the effects of psychiatric medication. The medications discussed are mostly health-store friendly items such as fish oil and brain boosters.

42. Road to Nutrition – Aiming for offering nutritional “information for the misinformed,” this site’s specialty is dispelling dietary myths. In between this mythbusting, she offers thoughts on food, motherhood, and life in general.

43. Dietitics.Co.Uk – This healthy forum offers info and support in order to promote sounder bodies and minds.

44. Building Nutrition and Fitness – This RSS-friendly blog offers recipes, as well as uplifting advice about why you shouldn’t give up when your weight-loss plans go awry. With plenty of style and design, this informative site practically leaps off of the page.
45. Nashville Nutrition Expert – This well-designed site is run by “Nashville’s nutrition expert.” You can consult her, seek her for counseling, schedule her for speaking events or just enjoy her free tips for the week.

46. Stand Up and Eat – Blending education and participation, this site really draws you in. There’s information for the whole family, whether you want to burn calories at work or just help the kids eat more healthy foods.

47. A Nu Healthy You –This laid-back site blends humor and informational posts together seamlessly. You can read about how tea can save your life, how to decrease pesticides in your diet, or simply enjoy the amusing confessions when the blogger mentions the health foods she hasn’t tried yet.

48. Balanced Diet, Balanced Life – Another site that waxes philosophic between dietary advice, this blog’s a keeper. It also emphasizes advice for those on the go, helping you reduce coffee calories, navigate “fat free” chips, and much more.

49. Nutrition and Healthy Eating – Perfect for readers on the go, this blog offers updates in bite-sized portions. Nonetheless, there’s a wealth of advice on everything from combating obesity to just how much you should feed your infant.

50. The Nutrition Data Blog – This is another great site focusing on realistic methods for leading a healthier lifestyle, starting today. Info includes what foods lead to better weight loss, health changes that can prevent diabetes, and what “sugar-free” really means.


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