Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stubborn Problems for some

by Anthony J. Sepe


1144931168QKkZzX Constipation is a difficulty, that many face, as we age. The system or digestive system just starts to slow down and get a little sluggish.  To make this problem even more difficult, sometimes there tends to be a decrease in fiber and fluids, and being more sedentary, than more active, can make this problem worse.  Stools may become hard, which can cause more straining.  Your normal schedule may become disrupted.

I’ve been asked if taking mineral oil is good for constipation.  This method really isn’t recommended because it can further the loss of Vitamins A,D,E and K, which are the fat-soluble vitamins that we need.


These things can help keep you more regular and on schedule:  Increasing fluids, fiber, staying more physically active as possible, and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.  If these only provide minimal relief for you, do discuss this sometimes embarrassing difficulty with your dietitian and with your doctor for other options for your distress.


  1. Mr. Stepe
    Well the blog is a real help for health conscious people. This problem majorly exists in older age. But due to ever increasing consumption of junk foods It has been spread to younger kids as well. I would recommend If you could mentiom some diet alternations. Yoga too..

    Well website

    is also immensly helpful to put light on the balanced diet and yoga expertise to remain fit.

  2. Thanks for commenting today.