Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coffee; Now an Art Too?

Artist recreates masterpieces with coffee


275x250.jpg An artist who recreates masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper by painting with espresso coffee is creating a whole latte buzz.
Karen Eland hit upon the idea to switch her watercolors for a cup of espresso about ten years ago as she was sat in a coffee shop.
She noticed how similar the java looked to some of the shades she was using and thought that if coffee can stain your clothes, why not try painting with it.
She gave it a go and loved how it looked, and smelt.
Since then she has used the strong dark coffee to recreate countless classics - always slipping an image of coffee into the painting, like the cup the Mona Lisa is holding.
The coffee images can take a week to paint on watercolor paper and sell for prices up to £12,000 each.
The 36-year-old from Oregon, who has been painting since she was 13, says she finds it intriguing and amusing to recreate the old masters as coffee painting.
275x250.jpg "It's fun to see which ones work in just shades of brown, and how I can add a coffee cup to them," she said. 
"I also enjoy the challenge of imitating the different artistic styles of each painting. 
"When I'm not painting an old masterpiece, I like doing scenes from my travels, or directly related coffee subjects like latte art or scenes from coffee farms."
Karen added that one of here favorite things about painting with coffee was the smell unfortunately she says has to ruin that by spraying a sealer over the finished painting.

What do you think?


  1. That is NEAT!!!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I've moved!

  2. Anthony,

    I had no idea you had a screw in your foot! Well, Nick has a titanium leg...crazy huh?? HE says it hurts when it you experience that?

    This is interesting, painting with coffee. I bet it DOES smell awesome! Too bad it has to be covered by the sealer.

    I love peaches too, by the way. It's hard to find a good one though, they are usually mealy around here and it's really too bad :(