Saturday, February 28, 2009

President Obama Establishes Firm Exit Timetable for Iraq: So Can You

 free_2245761 Let’s take a closer look at something that is so often taken for granted and so often overlooked—our weight!  Now that we have gone through   the process of food and nutrition, knowing what food and nutrition is and is Not, making healthy choices and even making healthy choices while eating out, let’s examine our weight.  The reason for this is clear:  it is a gift to cherish.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman, surgeon,  so often states that something should be done, NOW!  Well, I have news for all of us, our weight is a sensitive issue, but weight and weight issues should be handled, now too!

Our health, and good health, is achieved in many ways, but really, by eating healthy you are achieving the good health—andBannerWeightCtrl, giving yourself, “the gift of health.”  Weight maintained, can contribute to reducing the error of risk for diseases.  A healthy weight is statistically compared to good health, but if you don’t feel good and, your a ‘healthy weight’ or lower range weight, what good is it?  You need to feel good about your healthy weight and it’s a ‘healthy weight’ that’s right for you, your stature, your age, your overall health.

Did you know that you can be the same weight as someone else, but, if the other person you compare yourself  to is the same height, gender and age, it can still be quite different for you?  One can not just get on a scale each morning and compare yourself to a chart.  Not only will this contribute to a negative self-image, but it’s about your weight, but a set-point for you to be comfortable at.  Your genes, (not your dress jeans or blue jeans) make the determination.  That’s because, it’s your size, shape, body frame.  Now chances are, that if your grandparents had heart problems and died in their 50’s, mostly likely their will be some kind of genetic component or genetic predisposition to having some kind of heart disease or ailment and become genetically linked—just by the very nature of our family genetics transferred down the line, but we are living longer-and longer.  So, be good to yourself and take a stance and step-up-to-the-plate today, and let’s work on our weight together.  Set a goal.  Remember?  Short-term and long-term goals. Tell yourself:  “I’m going to take charge of my body,” starting today!  Be realistic.  Short-term:  I want to lose 1#  this week. To do that:  take in 500 calories less per day.  500 x 7 days = 3500 calories less that you have consumed to lose that 1 #.  Long-Term Goal: 10 pounds.  When you achieve the 1 pound loss, give yourself credit, and do something fun to celebrate!  Then, work on the next pound.  When you lose the 10 pounds, review your progress and reset your goals.  Continue this pattern for yourself.  Sleep1207318231q5AjtY is also important, and this will help you to reach your goals too.Let me know how your doing!


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