Sunday, January 18, 2009

Are You Worth it? Prostate Cancer In Men: What's your Diet Like?

Make Prostate Cancer A National Priority With President-elect Obama taking office on January 20th, now is the time to act. A petition has been circulating around the country collecting signatures from citizens (like yourselves) who want to ensure that Prostate Cancer is made a national priority. Please join us in our efforts by signing at: In addition to the prostate cancer petition, there are a number of ways that you can help support efforts to establish an Office of Men's Health. Please watch your email for more information on this issue. Below is a message from John Sharp, Us TOO Prostate Cancer Group Leader: This will take less time to sign this then it will to read this letter. Pass this on to Two people to pass on to two. Let's make a difference. Please sign the Petition as there are only 12,917 Signatures as of today. I think there are more men in this country. Think like this if we had two friends sign and they had two and so on we could get a lot of signatures on this. This is to be presented to the new president of the United States of American on January 21, 2009. With this limited amount of signatures it will barely make any appearance. Our doctors, researchers and pharmaceutical companies all need our help and support. With the new numbers presented for this last year (2008) it appears that Prostate Cancer is on its way down. Not the case the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute has changed the formula for estimating. With the new formula we are seeing the percentage of deaths to diagnosed increase from 11% to 15%. The deaths for 2008 are estimated to be at 28,660 up from 2007 numbers of 27,050. Now prostate cancer is no longer the big three which are Lung Cancer, Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer. We must stand up and be counted.This past December 25th (Christmas Day) one of my closest friends lost his life at the young age of 47 years young. His brother and I share the same birthday. Almost three years ago his brother called me on our birthday and asked me to help his brother. His brother became a very good friend and we fought together with the best doctors in the United States. Still he lost his life and left three children, a wife, family and friends. Please take the time to sign this before January 20th, 2009. Every signature counts. Prostate Cancer incidence rates are comparable to Breast Cancer rates. Yet, federal funding is significantly higher for Breast Cancer research than for Prostate Cancer. In 2008, there were the same number of new cases of Prostate Cancer (186,320) as Breast Cancer (184,450), as estimated by the American Cancer Society. In 2007, Breast Cancer received almost two thirds more funding ($127.5 million) from the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program as did Prostate Cancer ($80 million dollars) (59.5% difference). In 2007, Breast Cancer received more than twice as much funding ($707 million) as did Prostate Cancer ($305 million) from our nation's medical research agency, the National Institutes of Health (231% difference).Breast and Prostate Cancer scientists should not be made to compete for limited research funding. Scientists must feel encouraged to develop prostate cancer research. Both Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer research funding must continue to grow. Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer patients, equal in number, should receive equal and adequate funding and promotion for research. John F. SharpUs Too Support Group Please sign and then get two of your friends to sign. Males: What's the composition of your meal selection like? More fat? and, saturated fatty food items? Not as much fruit and vegetable consumption as you would like to have? Make sure to read the above petition, sign, and start to decrease your fat consumption, just 1-step at a time and increase your fruit and vegetable consumption daily-- starting today, on your way to better prostate health by making healthier food choices. By increasing your fruit/vegetable consumption and decreasing fat consumption there is a reduced risk of prostate cancer, and increase in respect for yourself and respect for your body. Are you worth it? ~Anthony Sepe, From A Dietitian's

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