Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How does your state measure-up?

What’s Your State Eating?

1137898414X7618f State after state, Americans are still not eating the recommended minimum three servings of vegetables a day and two servings of fruit per day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's first state-by-state look at fruit and vegetable consumption.

The CDC surveys indicate that only 33 percent of adults eat the recommended amount of fruit and 27 percent get the recommended servings of vegetables. The numbers are lower for high school students: 32 percent report eating at least two servings of fruit daily and 13 percent say they eat at least three servings of vegetables each day.

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Source: State Indicator Report on Fruits & Vegetables, 2009, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.external site


  1. Pathetic. RDs need to unite and fight this! :) Seriously, it's so sad.

  2. I agree. Pathetic. Sadly, I live in Oklahoma where both fruit and vegetable consumption are in the bottom tier. I believe last year Oklahoma was actually 50th in fruit and vegetable consumption. Sigh! Thanks for posting this, Anthony...GREAT info!