Sunday, September 27, 2009

Follower Sunday: Thank You Readership! Restaurant Manager and Chef: Shares ‘Secret Sauce’ for Success!

By Anthony J. Sepe

Each Sunday, I thank my readership for their loyalty and dedication to my blog, by providing a healthy recipe.  To those that know, this is a healthy repeat, but for those that are unaware and are new to the blog, this is my way of “giving back.”  It is also a way to “Pay it Forward.”  Each Sunday, not only will you have a healthy recipe, but you will have an expert in the field of dietetics, food and nutrition, provide the healthy recipe to you.  It is my pleasure to provide for you this week, my friend and my colleague, Chef Brian Hutchings, and his recipe:  “‘Secret Sauce’ for Success.”


Head Shot

Mgr. and Chef Brian Hutchings

I have been in the food service industry for 16 years and eating is one of the best things to do. I started out as a pizza delivery person and worked my way up to managing at casual dinning Applebee's. I live in upstate New York and we get a full spectrum of weather here so it is not always easy to fire up the outdoor grill during the dead of winter. That is why during the summer time, when you get a chance to use it you do. Holidays, camping, time with friends, or birthday parties are a great time to introduce this sauce by cooking it right on or having it on the side for dipping.


© Asian Basting Sauce or Marinade Recipe

Developed and reprinted with permission from Brian Hutchings

Asian Basting Sauce or Marinade

  1. 11oz jar Koon Chun Hoisin Sauce
  2. 1 Tlbs garlic powder
  3. 1 Tlbs Asian fire spice powder
  4. 4 Tlbs honey
  5. 6 Tlbs soy sauce

Great for summer time outdoor cooking on ribs, chicken, or fish.


  1. What a neat idea, Anthony! A great way to get names of professionals out there and build up the recipe file. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks so much Nicole. I appreicate your kind comments. Hope you enjoy Brian's recipe, too.