Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nipped in the bud; possibly?

by Anthony J Sepe



Yesterday, we talked about the salmonella-tainted pistachios.  And, today, it appears from different news service reports that the reason it didn’t take dozens of illnesses for federal regulators to learn about salmonella-tainted pistachios has nothing to do with federal regulations.

Seemingly, routine, but unrequired testing by a manufacturer for Kraft Foods Inc. first detected the contamination almost 2-weeks ago, when workers at a plant in Illinois decided to check roasted nuts going into huge vats of trail mix.  Private auditors hired by Kraft later found problems they think caused the contamination at a supplier’s processing facility in central California.

Two weeks ago?  I guess it seems like a long time to me.  It appears that something’s still wrong with this picture to me.   

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