Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Mode of Action for Better Nutrition

by Anthony J Sepe

1228825040bp2e79 We have talked about numerous nutrition related and interactive topics. These topics, I have designed this way because you will be able to see how one post connects with another post and follow each other on various topics. For example, we have talked about Food, nutrition, what is nutrition, nutrients in nutritious food, food choices and, even eating out at Subway®, which still allows you to fit eating out into your plan. This was my plan; my mode of action for you to see interconnection and relationship of post to post and building upon one another.

Now, Your plan: A mode of Action for even brighter nutrition. There is no time like the present—now—to take hold of an opportunity related to your food choices, and, even change your eating method, if needed. However, the sooner, the better, for you to take a vested interest in your own health is the greatest reward.

Make a strong commitment to yourself, daily. Begin this process, “the plan” and keep a record or journal of who, what, why, when, where—the 5 w’s, which are easy to recall) of eating and beverage consumption. You might order fries at the drive through because you are in a hurry and need a really fast lunch to get back to the office. You might even eat a bowl of ice cream because you are an emotional eater and feel very lonely and/or depressed. You can use this journal to reveal your food behavior and what you may need to change within yourself.

Let’s now talk about some goals for you. You need to set your goals so that they are both short-term and log-term, but measurable and achievable, too. Realize the reason for why you are setting goals for yourself. As long as you are starting—that is okay. You must start someplace and no better a time than, now. We are living in an era of Change. Remember: President Obama says: “Yes We Can.” Change do not mean you go through and stop eating your favorite fattening food, but it does mean, review and take a look at moderation and portion control. For example: that bowl of ice cream I spoke of earlier or some people that eat ½ gallon of ice cream per-sitting… Well, how about 2 cups this time. Next time, 1 cup, and eventually down to ½ cup; however, change happens slowly, not all at once, but you see where I’m going with this.)

Make your goals more achievable. And, be true to yourself. Let’s use another example from up above. Going through the drive-through instead of ordering the French fries, try and order the baked potato. Instead of sour cream—ask for lower-fat or fat-free sour cream. Another option is to ask for salsa instead of sour cream.

I gua1185113926WJU7XGrantee you that if you make small, slow gradual changes, you will be more likely in the long run to achieve your goal, feel good about yourself, and maintain your goal and even renew this goal and continue it for another period of time until your next review of your lifestyle related to food and food choice.

Sometimes, it can get hard for you to stay on track. That’s okay; you are human. But here’s the kicker: get up, dust yourself off—and, start again. Don’t beat yourself up just because you went off-track a little or even—a lot. Be kind to yourself.

If you find that on this road to achieving change and setting more realistic goals for your self that you need help, please ask for it. There is nothing and, I repeat—nothing—wrong with asking for help from a qualified professional including your physician or contact a dietitian for help. We are there to help you with this process.

When you achieve your goals—reward yourself for your success. Remember you are important and if losing 5 pounds is your short-term goal, reward yourself when you reach that 5 pound mark. Perhaps it will be a new CD; a new top at the store; a new hammer or whatever you choose to reward yourself with.

In keeping with your plan, plan to look at your plan at least every 30 days to see how you are doing overall with your goals.

Remember This: If losing weight is one of your goals: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

Wt loss

See you tomorrow, Anthony


  1. You are a man with an excellent plan!(smile) You offer everyone an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Excellent!

    I think that many people try to set goals that are unattainable...goals they will never reach. Your regimen, however, offers a good, solid agenda. I like it!(smile)

    Once again, I thank you for your advice. I do enjoy stopping by your blog...Mattie

  2. I find that by asking myself 'is it worth the calories' before I eat something which is unhealthy, it makes me only have the things which taste really good and not just have rubbishy things that I did not really want in the first place.