Thursday, February 5, 2009

Captain Sully: Pilot Calm

Current news reports reveal today that Captain Sully was 'calm' as a cucumber, as the flight bound for its destination never arrived, but rather, took a detour into the Hudson River, last week. The fortitude and inner-strength this well-seasoned and trained Caption displayed was unimaginable, as on-lookers surveyed the wing-filled with people on the water in disbelief. This same -- fortitude and inner-strength--is inside everyone of you, too, but in a different kind of "weigh." Making small gradual steps, just one-at a- time, can make a difference on your journey to a healthier and happier you. For example, let's take a look at vegetables. This food category or food group is a food group that can provide healthy nutrients, and send you on your way, each day, to a healthier you. Just increase your consumption just a little, not a lot. So if you are used to having 2 teaspoons of peas, make it, 1/2 cup. Why did I choose peas? Well, because this is a vegetable that most people don't like. From 30 years of experience, this is a vegetable that I have seen on more patient trays' than the likes of it's cousin, the little trees--broccoli. The nutrients abound; however, try an increase from 2 teaspoons, to 3 teaspoons. Do you know that 3-teaspoons = 1-Tablespoon? Next, try, 1/2 cup of sliced cucumbers. This what we all need to be. Cool as a cucumber, because ,change takes time. Slow gradual changes can yield a bigger serving in the long run, which is more than you could have asked for. Maybe this is all it takes-- be cool as a cucumber like Captain Sully and, we are on our "weigh" to being less in weight number and more rich in antioxidant health to benefit from it's rewards. ~Anthony Sepe

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