Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garlic Scapes



Garlic Scapes

The harvest of fresh garlic highlights the garden events of June because most garlic sold at local supermarkets is grown in China. For true, local garlic, look to a farmers’ market. In the springtime, garlic growers sell garlic scapes, the twisty, curvy green shoot that springs forth from the garlic plant. The garlic scape must be pinched off to allow the energy for growing to be directed to the bulb of garlic and not used for the production of new seed.

Garlic scapes have a rich garlic flavor and can be used in pesto and other dishes where a strong “green” garlic flavor is desired. Some farmers sell fresh “green” garlic which is different than the scape. Green garlic is the actual garlic plant harvested before the bulb is formed. Fresh, mature garlic bulbs are harvested in June or July and then cured for sale later in the year. When cured, garlic stores well in a cool, dry spot in your kitchen.


Source:  Maggie Green, Kentucky Fresh Cookbook

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