Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nutrition and Food Choice

By Anthony J Sepe

Nutrition: What is it?

You hear this term and, most likely, have said the word—nutrition—all your life.  I bet strawberry  -free source JD you’ve even heard that exercise it also a key component for your health fitness.  These 2 words:  nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand.  Therefore, nutrition + exercise = a healthier [new] you!  Just like, when you get up each morning and shower, wash your face and brush your teeth.  These are done repeatedly, over and over again.  They are a habit.  Eventually the exercise part of the equation  will become a habit too.  The bottom-line: the food we take in bathes the body and nourishment is provided to the body.  This nourishment comes in the form of nutrients – and the nutrients your body and my body needs—in just the right amounts, but not over done.  Nutrition is based upon years of scientific study.  Good nutrition habits or in other words, good food choices can reduce your risk for diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, being over weight and a host of other diseases too.


Food Choice:  Is yours pleasurable?

I believe most people have complex patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior that they use to deal with problems; however, identifying unsatisfactory coping patterns and working to improve them are goals. Most people resort to food as comfort in these instances. Therefore, working towards a healthier lifestyle can be both -- short-tem and long-term -- achievable and measurable goals with positive outcomes.

Your food choices have been shaped and molded throughout your life by many factors.  For instance, your culture; your immediate family; your extended family; your view about yourself and what you believe.  In addition, your access to food and food choices and what you already know from credible sources about food and nutrition play a big part. 

Once you’ve identified your food choices, your food should taste good to you and provide a feeling of pleasure and satiety too.  We already know that our food choices are going to contain the nutrients and best nutritional value and, let’s make sure to enjoy the aroma of your food, as it cooks, the appearance as you plate and garnish your dish, the textures that are in different food items prepared for the meal and the flavor and appeal you have provided for yourself.  Overall, good healthy eating can provide pleasure from the incorporation of foods from all food groups in your daily meals.

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